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3 July 2023

Aberdeen Drilling School Nigeria Ltd (NG.1228), situated at the Matpatson Training Centre, Plot 110, East-West Road, has achieved a significant milestone in the field of well control training. The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) has officially accredited the facility, acknowledging its unwavering commitment to excellence in drilling education and safety.

This accreditation is a testament to Aberdeen Drilling School Nigeria's relentless pursuit of the highest industry standards and its dedication to equipping professionals with the essential skills needed to ensure well control and operational safety in the oil and gas sector.

The achievement of IWCF accreditation by Aberdeen Drilling School Nigeria underscores its commitment to enhancing well control knowledge and practices. It is a recognition of the institution's role in shaping a safer and more competent workforce for the drilling industry, particularly in the challenging environments often encountered in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

The IWCF accreditation not only reflects positively on Aberdeen Drilling School Nigeria but also on the broader industry. It assures professionals, both current and aspiring, that they are receiving top-tier well control training that meets internationally recognized standards. This, in turn, enhances their employability and competence in a highly competitive field.

Aberdeen Drilling School Nigeria's accreditation by the International Well Control Forum is a momentous achievement that speaks volumes about its dedication to promoting safety and competence in the drilling sector. This recognition not only solidifies its position as a leader in well control training but also elevates the standards of the entire industry. As we move forward, let us celebrate this milestone and look forward to a safer and more proficient future for the Nigerian oil and gas sector.