About Us

Oil exploration started in Nigeria over 100 years ago. Indigenous competency has since then been gradually developed but without particular focus on articulating the development of career and professional expertise. In the past therefore, expertise in the oil and gas sector resided only within the different operating companies and consequently, staff shortages at peak periods were catered for by importing expertise from outside Nigeria.

Regrettably NIGERIAN Engineers, who have acquired the relevant experience, retire and digress to other non-related businesses due to lack of focus and want of patronage. From time to time therefore, when expertise becomes short, it is sought from other parts of the world and consequently indigenous expertise was never tapped or developed but wasted.

MATPATSON was incorporated in the Federal republic of Nigeria in 2000 with Registration number RC.382249. The Company's vision at inception has become a continued mission having achieved a mile stone in that respect. Since inception has offered well Engineering project Management to various Companies in Nigeria

Matpatson has developed today a human capacity to execute two well operations concurrently. Additionally has developed equipment and material supply chain to support five well projects concurrently.

In order to meet our vision and mission, the company was diversified into five lines of services in 2012 for effective management and efficient monitoring namely:


a. Project management

b. Procurement and supplies

c. Rentals

d. Manpower development

e. Logistics support services


Each service is self-supporting and managed independently for efficiency and performance monitoring.

MATPATSON is determined to maintain, ensure and sustain a continued development and availability of indigenous expertise in Nigeria for the Oil and gas industry. In order to meet this objective, the company has focused initially on specific areas within the Oil and Gas business sector – particularly Drilling / Completion Engineering and Production Engineering, while developing a strategy to expand its scope to HSE related competences.

Our Vision

To become distinguished as a cost effective ONE STOP SHOP for drilling and Well Engineering process in Nigeria and the West African sub region. 

Our Mission

To develop a reservoir of indigenous Well Engineering Competencies, provide Technical, operational, and project management support and services to the oil and gas sector in Nigeria and the West African sub region

Our Competence

To develop sufficient drilling equipment supply chain capable of supporting a five-well program at all times.

Our Commitment

Matpatson Petroleum Services is committed to providing efficient, cost effective and commercially competitive services to its clients/customers while we remain focused on the continuous development of our capacity for the achievement of our Vision to the industry in Nigeria and West African Sub region.

Overseas Office

Aberdeen Office
26 Bannermill Place, AB24 5EA,
Aberdeen, Scotland.
Phone Number
+44 1224 923379

Where to find us?

Head Office
110 East-West road, Rumuodara,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Phone Number
+234 (0) 708 717 4966
+234 (0) 802 053 3666
+234 (0) 808 666 6485